Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wadia-Zinta spat turns uglier

The spat between actress Preity Zinta and industrialist Ness Wadia turned uglier on Wednesday as Wadia sent a list of nine people to the police to be made witnesses in the case and Zinta on her Facebook page wrote that she had paid Wadia"s share in the IPL franchisee which the latter returned to her later. 
In a letter written to the investigating officer in the case, Wadia gave names of nine persons and requested the police that their statements be recorded. The nine persons, who were present at the time of the incident according to Wadia include Sereika Lal, Loretta Joseph, Pooja Dadlani, Anneline Adams, Farah Oomerbhoy, Sweetie Burman, Kamlesh Shah, Rayaan Mutapha and Sharat Nath.
"We have got the list of witnesses suggested by Wadia and we will be recording their statements soon," said an IPS officer supervising the case.
Meanwhile, Zinta came out in the open and wrote on her Facebook page about several issues that came up after she lodged the complaint.
"Is this done for money? IPL was my project from the start and for the record not only did I pay for myself (5 crores) when I got into the IPL (bid) I paid for Ness too ! 5 crores ! (Proof of my financial commitment in the IPL is with the BCCI.) To be fair to him he did pay me back a couple of months later (without any premium) so Hope the money theory is put to end once and for all," she wrote.
Explaining why she left for USA after filing the complaint Zinta wrote, " I had to go to the US as I had work there which I could not ignore due to a prior commitment. In the end of the day I am a professional and cannot let my work suffer. I came back to India as soon as the police department required me to do so to help with further investigations. "news-LT

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