Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hotelier arrested in Jaiswal suicide case

The owner of Rahul Restaurant and Bar, Adv Shrichand Jagyasi (60) of Sindhi Colony, and three others have been booked on the charge of abetting the suicide of Manoj Jaiswal. Jagyasi has been arrested while hunting for others has been launched. Jawaharnagar police station in-charge PI Hemant Kadam has lodged a complaint on behalf of the State Government. Accordingly, Vikram Nikam (30) of Hotel Sayali, Rushikesh Tawar and Kedare Garagewala have been booked on the charge of driving Jaiswal to commit suicide. A five-page suicide note drafted in Hindi has been recovered from the house, in which the deceased has squarely held these four men responsible for his suicide and deaths of Neetu (27), his live-in partner, and Devendra alias Pushkar (5), his son. 
According to details, there was a monetary dispute between the owner of hotel and Manoj Jaiswal over its operation. This dispute was brought to light by the deceased's brother Bharat Jaiswal in his statement given to the Jawaharnagar police station. Throwing light on the deal PI Kadam said Jagyasi had agreed to hand over Rahul Restaurant and Bar to Manoj to operate. Accordingly, Manoj borrowed to Rs 11 lakh from Vikram, Rushikesh and Kedare, which he gave to Jagyasi in instalments. Besides, Manoj had spent Rs 1 lakh on the renovation of the restaurant. Later, Jagyasi started demanding Rs 8 lakh more. On the other hand, Manoj's lenders were pestering him for the repayment of money.
The case was registered on Tuesday at 12.30 am and Adv Jagyasi was arrested at 2.30 am. The search for three others has been launched.
Earlier, three dead bodies were recovered from a block of a bungalow number 6 in plush Mitranagar on Thursday noon. They were identified as Manoj Babulal Jaiswal (32), Devendra Jaiswal (5) and Neetu (27). The incident came to light when foul smell of decomposed body spread in the colony. It attracted onlookers. Senior police officers inspected the house. News-lt

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