Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Hotelier arrested in Jaiswal suicide case

The owner of Rahul Restaurant and Bar, Adv Shrichand Jagyasi (60) of Sindhi Colony, and three others have been booked on the charge of abetting the suicide of Manoj Jaiswal. Jagyasi has been arrested while hunting for others has been launched. Jawaharnagar police station in-charge PI Hemant Kadam has lodged a complaint on behalf of the State Government. Accordingly, Vikram Nikam (30) of Hotel Sayali, Rushikesh Tawar and Kedare Garagewala have been booked on the charge of driving Jaiswal to commit suicide. A five-page suicide note drafted in Hindi has been recovered from the house, in which the deceased has squarely held these four men responsible for his suicide and deaths of Neetu (27), his live-in partner, and Devendra alias Pushkar (5), his son. 
According to details, there was a monetary dispute between the owner of hotel and Manoj Jaiswal over its operation. This dispute was brought to light by the deceased's brother Bharat Jaiswal in his statement given to the Jawaharnagar police station. Throwing light on the deal PI Kadam said Jagyasi had agreed to hand over Rahul Restaurant and Bar to Manoj to operate. Accordingly, Manoj borrowed to Rs 11 lakh from Vikram, Rushikesh and Kedare, which he gave to Jagyasi in instalments. Besides, Manoj had spent Rs 1 lakh on the renovation of the restaurant. Later, Jagyasi started demanding Rs 8 lakh more. On the other hand, Manoj's lenders were pestering him for the repayment of money.
The case was registered on Tuesday at 12.30 am and Adv Jagyasi was arrested at 2.30 am. The search for three others has been launched.
Earlier, three dead bodies were recovered from a block of a bungalow number 6 in plush Mitranagar on Thursday noon. They were identified as Manoj Babulal Jaiswal (32), Devendra Jaiswal (5) and Neetu (27). The incident came to light when foul smell of decomposed body spread in the colony. It attracted onlookers. Senior police officers inspected the house. News-lt

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hailstorm Rains in Maharashtra

Hailstorms occur in the month of February once in every 10 years. The hailstorms in 1989, 1991 and 1992 caused damages to crops. The hailstorm of Monday has destroyed the crops extensively.
The city experienced rain of 29.6 mm on March 3. The minimum temperature was 15 degree Celsius and the maximum was 30.5 degree Celsius. The humidity was 51 per cent. The temperature of the city on March 4 was minimum 16.5 degree Celsius and maximum was 28 degree Celsius, whereas the humidity was 85 per cent. Water resource department's engineer JV Sardeshpande said, "The cities near seashores have humidity percentage of 85 to 90 per cent. Aurangabad too was experiencing the same." Main reason for this is 

 * After-effect of global warming
* Air pollution by industries, cutting trees behind phenomenon
* City's weather resembles coastal weather Max rains in March in past 24 years
Year Rain in mm
1989 58.5
2008 42.6
2014 29.6
Marathwada experienced hailstorm thrice in a week recently. There was hail everywhere, which gave the region a 'Kashmir look'.  Though the hailstorm was unprecedented, hail storms witnessed in 1989 were fiercer than this. This is an after-effect of global warming, which keeps occurring in a certain span of time.  However, this time it was a little different. Hailstorms occur only for a day. However, this time it occurred in two or three stages and covered a large area, said agriculture and weather experts.
Marathwada experienced cold climate like Mahabaleshwar and 'snowfall' like Kashmir. This change has neither occurred in a day or two nor for the first time in the last 30 years. Former Walmi official and dam assistant director Dr SB Warade said, "A low pressure area has occurred in the north of Karnatak. This has resulted in wind turbulence, due to which the clouds are cooling down and resulting into hailstorms."
Hailstorms were noticed in Marathwada's Parbhani, Beed, Latur, Osmanabad and in some areas of Aurangabad on Monday. Layers of hail were collected on surfaces of Osmanabad area and in some other areas of the district. A rain of 58 mm was recorded in a day in March in 1989. Gusty hailstorms were noticed from 3 pm to 4 pm. This affected mango flowering. The trees shed leaves. Hail could be seen the next morning too. A rainfall of 42 mm was recorded in March 2008 too. Hailstorms occurred then too. Weather changes can be experienced more intensely nowadays due to pollution by industries, air pollution caused due to gases from AC, refrigerators and vehicles and cutting down of trees on a large scale. 
Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) project deputy director Satish Shiradkar said, "The peculiar thing about this year's hailstorms is that they occurred in areas, where hailstorms have never occurred before this. The area receiving hailstorms has increased this year. Looking at the record on hailstorms, they were noticed just once in the month of February or March. However, this time it occurred thrice in a week. The cold as well as warm climate can be felt intensely. News-lt

Chennai Express arrives late on maiden run

The 1603 Nagarsol-Aurangabad-Chennai Express on Monday arrived late at the Aurangabad station on its maiden run. It was scheduled to arrive at 9.40 am, but arrived two hours late at 11.30 am in the city. On its return journey to Chennai, the train arrived at 3.45 pm at the Aurangabad station, an hour behind its scheduled arrival at 2.45 pm. Mayor Kala Ojha flagged off the train at the time of its departure.  The locomotive driver of the train said the express got delayed as it was welcomed at all important stations on its first run.
In all, 20 coaches were attached to the train on its first day carrying merely 100 passengers on its arrival from Chennai while returning to Chennai, the express had 70 reservations from Aurangabad to Chennai. Over 100 passengers were travelling to Chennai.  Freedom fighter Tarabai Ladha, who was among people who made efforts to start the train, said, "I am happy that the train has finally arrived. Youngsters should also actively participate in such efforts." Omprakash Verma of Marathwada Railway Vikas Samiti said, "This is a big relief for the people of Marathwada, who want to travel to Chennai. A train to Bangalore should be started soon."

 The South Central Railway should think of new trains to Bikaner, Delhi, Jaipur, Goa and Kolkata during vacations. Both Verma and Lodha thanked the media for their coverage.Bhagyam Vishwanathan, Jayanti Shankarnarayan, Medul Raman and Ravi Raman, Laxman Iyer, P K Vishwnathan along with Sridhar, Mansukh Zambad, Mrs P Parimala, Indira Anant Rao and Sheshadari, Shankarnarayan Krishna Murthi, K Rangarajan, Kumar Guru and other members of Saptaswara Cultural Association were present. The express will run on a weekly basis between Chennai and Nagarsol via Aurangabad. It will leave Chennai on every Sunday at 9.15 am and reach Nagarsol at 11.55 am the next day. The express will leave Nagarsol every Monday at 1 pm and will reach Chennai at 4 pm the next day. News-LT

Saturday, 1 March 2014

AMC on 'Mission Online'

The AMC had introduced local body tax (LBT) in 2010. Today, the LBT cell has registration of 25,140 LBT-payers, who pay their tax in 11 nationalised banks. "Of all the registered LBT-payers 5,500 are big businessmen, while remaining are small and medium ones. The cell has recorded a collection of around Rs. 162 crore LBT till February 28. We are hopeful of meeting the target of Rs. 200 crore in the coming months," said LBT officer Ayub Khan. Meanwhile, it is learnt that the LBT cell has applied for an ISO certification and the AMC has resolved to link up LBT-payers with the online mode of tax clearance.• Installs billboards at 14 important places and traffic signals and crossroads• Plans to develop a link encouraging LBT- payers to pay property tax online.

The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has launched an advertisement blitzkrieg 'Mission Online' to encourage citizens to pay property tax. Billboards have been installed at important places like traffic signals and crossroads, apart from placing ads in newspapers, broadcasting jingles on radio and showing clippings on local television channel. Deputy chief auditor Mahaveer Patni, who has been entrusted with the task, said, "A week ago, we had installed advertising hoardings at 14 important places in Chikalthana, Harsul T-point, Seven Hills, Mondha Naka, Nutan Colony, Kranti Chowk, Railway Station, Mill Corner, Gajanan Maharaj Mandir, Paithan Gate, Central Octroi Checkpost etc. The giant size hoardings at traffic signals will help in attracting attention of commuters and reminding them of their duty to pay tax. In the recent past also, we had displayed advertisements to create awareness about 'Mission Online' on 10 gantries." 

It is learnt that civic chief H S Kamble is the main force behind the 'Mission Online' that aims at encouraging citizens to opt for the online mode to remit their taxes. Presently, the AMC is accepting property tax (and water tax) at the counters in five HDFC branches and six ward offices. "We will be distributing pamphlets in wards recording poor or below average recovery of taxes. We have handed over bundles of 10,000 handbills to be distributed in each ward office. Civic personnel will visit door to door and distribute pamphlets in their jurisdiction," said Patni. It may be noted that the target collection of property tax is Rs 75 crore, while that of water tax is Rs 25 crore. Accordingly, the AMC has recorded a collection of Rs 62 crore from April 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014. It includes Rs 47 crore as property tax and Rs 15 crore as water tax. 

Systems manager (e-governance) A B Patel said, "We have received Rs 25.89 lakh property tax from 574 citizens through online transactions recorded between October 5 and February 28. We had installed a kiosk in HDFC branch in Cidco and very soon we are going to dedicate a multi-tasking machine to citizens." The AMC has 1.87 lakh properties, including 20,000 commercial ones, on its record. However, the recovery of taxes is disappointing. Presently, the assessor and collector of tax is holding camps in all wards, making announcements through public address system.  Standing committee member Vikas Jain said, "GTL Urja posts monthly power bills to consumers, regularly. The area-wise recording meter-reading and distribution of bills is done on a rotation basis. If this outstation agency can do it, why not the decades-old civic body?" He demands that civic officials should also spare staff to post the demand of property tax and check if a property is under the tax ambit or not by visiting each area on a rotation basis.