Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Thunder showers lash Aurangabad

Sudden rain with thunder, lightning and hail lashed Aurangabad city and surroundings on Wednesday. Taking the people by surprise, the rains created chaos and jams as the the roads are being re-surfaced.  It has been hot since the last two days, and the day temperatures were 32C, with the afternoon temperature rising to 32.6C on Wednesday. Thunderclouds appeared, and the downpour and hails at 4.30 pm cooled the atmosphere to 19.6C within 30 mins. 
Naturally after a drop of 13C would make it chilly and actually cold. 14 mms of rainfall was recorded at 5.30 pm. Aurangabad normal rain for February is just 3 mms, and Wednesday's rainfall has been the highest in more than 10 years. The thunder showers were caused by an upper air circulation system that moved eastwards from MP to Chattisgarh. When the system moved eastwards, it attracts a lot of moist air and air incursion from the Arabian Sea takes place towards the system, which bring rain on the confluence of moist air around the region. 
A trough line dropped Southwards from the system through central Maharashtra. generally, rains are seen along a trough line. Definitely unusual for this time of the year, in February. Rains were not restricted to the Aurangabad region. Nearby Jalna saw 8 mms, Osmanabad recorded 6 mms, Jalgaon 7 mms and Dhule 3 mms rain. Thursday morning will be sunny and cool, with sky getting partly cloudy by the afternoon. Some rain is likely in the surrounding regions around the city. Rains were also reported from Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior got a heavy rainfall of 59 mms, Guna 25 mms and Bhopal 24 mms. News-lt

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