Thursday, 26 September 2013

WOW- YR 4 begins with a bang - Source LT

WOW began its fourth year with a unique mystery event. M D Riti and her team from RMG Learning, Bangalore, conducted the entire workshop with energy and enthusiasm. The objective of this programme was to help WOW Members connect with each other and also work in teams.
The theme was a wedding where the bride is dead and the members had to split in groups to uncover the murder mystery. All the members were dressed in their wedding fineries. They were made to perform various activities for collecting clues like blood samples, handwriting samples etc. They were able to interrogate suspects at the crime scene too. Girls enjoyed the dancing, acting, singing and solving puzzles as a part of the game.
The event was followed by a lavish lunch. Soniya Kagliwal and her WOW Committee was introduced in the event. They hope to bring many more different programmes to WOW this year and continue the legacy of success.

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