Thursday, 26 September 2013

Indus Edutor Tab makes learning easier - Source LT

Behold the sight of the most exciting and the interesting channels of education. A peep into an Indus World School classroom shall reveal a path breaking revolution in the field of education like never before. Equipped with a smart, handy tab, students seem to have got hold of a world of content in their tiny palms.
Indus Edutor Tab opens one to a fantastic and an exclusive channel of learning modules customized for various grades. These free learning resources painstaking developed by the educators from across the globe have been handpicked and compiled to put into this wonder learning box.
Indus World School has been a forerunner in developing and providing smart technologically supported tools for enhancing learning. 
Never did our students get to see and understand how germination of a seed actually happens. Indus Edutor tab makes it happen……
The complex working of Magnetism, the magnetic flux, the Magnetic Induction seem highly abstract to the students. Indus Edutor Tab exposes the nuances of this complexity and makes its easily understood.
The salient feature of this tab is its ability to assess the learning of the students through its Compass Box. Each Indusian is given a unique user name with a password.

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