Friday, 27 September 2013

Forest dept to celebrate Wildlife Week with children - Source LT

The forest department will organise a lecture series, nature excursions and bird watching sessions for students to increase their understanding of wildlife and nature as part of Wildlife Week from October 1. Conservation of Environment is one of the main agendas of the state and central governments. Increase in population has led to deforestation. As a result, there have been several sightings of wild animals in the city area. On the occasion of the Wildlife Week, the Forest Department of Aurangabad and Jalna districts will organise workshops, slide shows and photography competitions for children. Excursions to Daulatabad Fort, Antur Fort, Dhareshwar Waterfalls, Vetalwadi Fort and Lohgad Fort have also been organised. The Forest Department will also host a drawing competition for orphan children in Siddharth Garden.
The photography competition will provide a different perspective to the youth. It will give them a chance to explore wildlife and help them analyse the present situation of environment in Marathwada. Nature excursions to Ajanta and Daulatabad Fort, Antur Fort and Lohgad fort have been organised for school students. 
Village panchayats will collaborate with the forest department for the rehabilitation of the wildlife during drought. Lectures will be conducted on disaster management and saving forests from fires.
"The Wildlife Week will be inaugurated on October 1 and celebrated in Aurangabad-Jalna districts to help children gain a deeper understanding of wildlife," said Ram Malekari, Assistant Forest Conservator.

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