Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Admn to launch search for dummy candidates - Source LT

The responsibility of holding Talathi recruitment exams was entrusted with one agency. The agency did not scrutinise applications properly and distributed hall tickets among all candidates including those who had submitted more than one applications. Dummy candidates took advantage of this situation. The agency will be fined for this discrepancy.
-Vikram Kumar

Hundreds of dummy candidates had filled in applications for the District Selection Committee's Talathi examination. However, fearing of being caught, several of these candidates remained absent for the examination. Their joy of not being caught by staying absent is not likely to last long as district collector Vikram Kumar has issued orders to ascertain the names, addresses of these dummy candidates and present the list of such names to the police. These candidates are likely to face enquiry and action for misleading the district administration.
Examinations for 58 posts of Talathis were held on behalf of the District Selection Committee on Sunday. Around 11,743 candidates had applied out of which 10,110 appeared while 1,633 were absent. During the exams held on Sunday, it was feared that several dummy candidates had enrolled themselves. Applications were filled with fake names quite similar to the names of the candidates who wanted to pass the exams fraudulently. This scribe had presented proof to collector Vikram Kumar just one day before the exam after which the collector laid a trap at the exam center and nabbed two persons. Ganesh Patil had had filled up the admission form with a fake name Dnyaneshwar Haridas Gaikwad for the applicant Dnyaneshwar Hari Gaikwad. Dnyaneshwar and Ganesh are now in the custody of the Cidco police. 
The candidates with similar names who filed applications for Talathi examination included Nirmala Chotiram Bahure, Nirmal Chhagan Bahure, Poonam Prakash Gaikwad, Poonamkumar Prakash Gaikwad, Rajashri Suryabhan Gadekar, Rajendra Suryabhan Gadekar, Geeta Chainsingh Rajput, Geetsingh Chainsingh Rajput, Trupti Dattatray Barale, Truptidas Dattatray Barale and Arjun Ananda Barde, Arun Anandrao Barde. 
Vikram Gaikwad has ordered the administration to check similarities in name, father's name, birth date and give the details to the police. 
Collector Vikram Kumar has decided to change the system in issuing hall tickets for the upcoming exams of clerk posts. The hall tickets will now be distributed randomly, so that students cannot file applications with similar names and get seat numbers near to each other, he clarified.

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