Sunday, 1 September 2013

Adivasi hostel students protest for demands - Source LT

Girls also agitate
The girls from the hostel were also at the leading position in the protest. They also sat at the gate of the collector office until promises came from the government officials. 
The lack of basic facilities finally forced Adivasi students from the government hostel to take to the road and they even succeeded in drawing attention of government agencies towards their demands without any political or other leadership.
According to the students, there are several issues like unclean rooms, impure drinking water, blocked drainage lines, stinking smell from toilets, broken doors, windows and delay in providing study material, which they are facing since long. There was also a complaint about ill-treatment they were getting from the hostel management staff.
On Friday morning, hundreds of students, including girls, gathered at the gate of the district collector office and started their protest against the government authorities in harmonious manner. It was a very strange incident even for the staffers of collector office because till now they have seen various protests and agitations headed by political parties. Many of the protestors have also demonstrated their anger in front of them but the protest of students was different from all of those. Students, though were very angry, were behaving in cool manner. They wanted the collector to pay attention to their demands. The collector Vikram Kumar noticed their protest and invited their delegation twice in the day for discussions. The protest continued till late evening.
Finally, the collector assured them to look into the matter seriously and to solve their issues as soon as possible. Even the commissioner of Adivasi department, whom the students contacted on phone, promised to visit the hostel within two days. Finally, after the promises of these two senior officials, the students moved from the gate of the collectorate.

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