Wednesday, 11 September 2013

100 employees bunk election training prog - Source LT

As many as 100 employees were absent during the election training programme under the voters list updating campaign. Voters registration officers have decided to serve all the absent employees with show cause notices. If the absentees fail to give appropriate reasons for their absence, criminal offences will be registered against them.

Election commissions have started a voter list updating drive for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Under the programme the campaign for the registration of the new voters will be done in the city from September 16 for which 450 booth level officers (BLO) were selected.
For the campaign to be started on 16th of this month, a 3-day election training programme for 3 constituencies of the city was held at the Tehsil office of the city. On Tuesday, training for the members of Aurangabad Central Constituency was held in which 83 BLOs were supposed to attend but only 40 of them showed up for the training. Before that, BLOs of West and East Constituencies were also absent for the training which totaled the absence over a hundred. All the absent employees have been served with the show cause notices. 
In the wake of upcoming elections in 2014, Election Commission has declared the year 2014 as voters list year for which the voters list must be updated by January 1, 2014.
The Election Commission has started to collect the database for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections for which the voters registration officers have asked the heads of the government offices to submit the lists of the names of the employees working at their offices. 
But most of the heads of the government offices have failed to submit the lists. Till now only 50 % officers have submitted the list, remainders have been served with the letters in this regard once again. If these heads of the offices fail again to send the list, criminal cases will be registered against them.

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