Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Revoke ban on tobacco products - Source LT

The association of paan kiosk owners across the state have demanded to revoke ban on the sale of paan masala, tobacco and scented betel nut during a meet held in Mumbai on August 16, said district president of the association Sharfoddin Siddiqui.
Referring to the rally in Mumbai, Siddiqui said that all the office-bearers of the association from across the districts were present.
District association president from Latur said that ban on the baar (mixture of betel nut and masala) be lifted immediately as the family members of kiosk owners are facing starvation due to the decision of the government. This could pose a threat to law and order if the issue is not settled in time.
Siddiqui further said that on the one hand government is giving free hand for the business of liquor, cigarette, and lottery tickets and gambling which are disastrous for the society, on the other hand, the government has banned the sale of paan and paan masala items and tobacco. If the government failed to revoke its order then we would not allow the political leaders to move at ease.
A homage was paid to Ramvilas Chourasiya, a kiosk owner from Dahisar who committed suicide owing to the government decision. A resolution to extend a helping hand to Chourasiya's family was also taken. It was also decided to launch an agitation in peaceful manner initially and later to intensify it.

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