Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Now, biometric system at city ration shop - Source LT

n Experiment at Bari Colony as a part of state-wide drive
n Thumb impressions of purchasers to ensure transparency
In a major step in introducing transparency in sale of subsidised foodgrains at ration shops, the government has decided to use biometric technique in implementing the public distribution scheme. The system began functioning here at shop number 179, Bari Colony on Monday as a pilot project in the State.
Complaints against the supply of sugar and other food items at fair price shops are registered frequently. Many ration shop owners allegedly sell food items in the black market and make a fast buck. It is believed that biometric technique will put an end to this practice.
The Bari Colony shop has been provided with a tablet and a thumb impression machine. Thumb prints of all the ration card holders connected to the shop have been loaded in the machine and the tablet.
Scanning and obtaining thumb impression means that nobody can impersonate the buyer. This initiative was launched in the presence of Food Grain Distribution officer Kishor Deshmukh. The biometric system will be introduced at two more shops this week.
The officials are confident that black marketing will be curbed by the biometric system. Once a card holder reaches the shop to buy food items, verification will be done from the database of the server online in Mumbai. Purchase would not take place sans verification. It means that only the person who is beneficiary can buy from the shop, Deshmukh said.
As of now, fingerprints of only one family member will be scanned and if other goes to the shop, s/he will not be able to effect transaction. However, within 15 days, fingerprints of the remaining family members whose names are on the ration card will be taken and added to the database making them eligible for making purchase.

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