Thursday, 1 August 2013

KC water tank to be repaired soon - Source LT

Two days after a slab at the 60-year-old water tank at Kranti Chowk collapsed, civic authorities have announced that they will clear and repair it soon, giving it a new lease of life.
On Thursday, deputy mayor Sanjay Joshi, executive engineer S D Panzade and structural engineer Ravindra Babhulay conducted a spot inspection of the damaged slab of tank, which was built in 1954-55 and has the capacity to store 10 lakh litres of water. 
"During inspection, we found that the slab that collapsed rested on pillars, therefore, the private engineer suggested that it be replaced by iron pillars. He also suggested that we have a steel frame and stone-flooring," said Joshi. He said that with the rains letting up, the work will start, and be completed, soon
The project will be completed in two phases, said the authorities. Babhulay asked the civic authorities to submit the tank's design. 
"The tank supplies water to 11 areas. Hence, before starting the works, we will appeal to residents of these areas through the public address system to store water. The repair will take two days," said Joshi. 
The civic authorities had pressed a gang of 40 labourers to remove the concrete debris of the 10,000 sq.ft slab from the tank. The exposed portion has now been covered with tarpaulin so that the dust and dry garbage do not mix in the water and pose health hazard 
"The water supply officials regularly purify the tank water with chlorine. The chlorination process led to the rusting of the steel in the pillars, causing it to weaken," said Joshi.

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