Tuesday, 20 August 2013

J'wadi water turning green n No need to worry, say authorities - Source LT

The Jayakwadi dam water has turned green and the layer is spreading fast. In only four days, it has spread over 10 square kilometres area. 
Currently, the Jayakwadi is observing inflow of water being released from dams in Nasik and Ahmednagar districts. The very look of the dam had changed with fresh crystal clear water.
Four days ago, the dam water colour began turning green. When the similar incident occurred in July 2011, the administration had obtained samples of the water from July 24 till the end of August and sent them for testing at laboratories in Nasik and Aurangabad. 
Speaking to Lokmat Times, deputy engineer at the dam, Jagdish Sardeshpande said all the reports had come good then and it was mentioned that water was potable. Still, to avoid any kind of risk, water was released from the left canal on July 29, 2011 at the rate of 100 cusecs for 24 hours for green layer to flow away. 
Sardeshpande said, "Water has not been released from the Jayakwadi dam in the last five years. Moreover, the dam reached dead water stock this year. As a consequence, the major chunk of land, which is generally submerged, was exposed. Algae formed there in huge quantity. It got mixed with the dam water turning its colour green. However, there is nothing to worry." 
Executive engineer Sanjay Bhargodev also maintained that Jayakwadi water has not been polluted and will not be polluted. We check quality of water every month and are keeping a close watch, he added.• No need to worry, say authorities

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