Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Doctors welcome revocation of ban on Pioglitazone - Source LT

City doctors have welcomed the revocation of the ban on Pioglitazone. "Pioglitazone helps in controlling the blood sugar and a patient feels better after consuming this medicine," diabetes expert Dr Sanjeev Indurkar said at a press conference. "When Pioglitazone was banned, we took up the matter with the government and the ban was revoked. Patients having type 2 diabetes benefit by Pioglitazone medicine as there is no need for the diabetics to inject insulin due to the consumption of Pioglitazone," Dr Indurkar said adding that people who have diabetes must exercise daily and should have a balanced diet. "It is said that consuming Pioglitazone may cause cancer, but the fact is different," Dr Sanjay Ambekar said. "As an option Giltzer will come to India soon, however Pioglitazone is a healthier medicine," he maintained.

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