Thursday, 1 August 2013

17,000 TV connections in A'bad snapped - Source LT

As many set top box holders in Aurangabad have not filled up the customer reference forms (CRFs), the cable TV signals have been disconnected, resulting in switching-off of more than 17,000 television sets in the city. 
After digitization policy was implemented from March 31 by the Central Government, it was made compulsory to fit set top box to receive television signals. The cable TV operators and multi system operators were expected to get the CRFs filled from cable TV customers while selling set top boxes. The cable operators have sold the set top boxes to the customers fearing the loss of business after transition from analogue to digital signals. But in many cases they have not filled up CRFs even after selling the set top boxes. As a result, Hathway MCN realised that they are getting lesser revenue compared to the number of set top boxes sold. Some cable operators have not disclosed the actual number of set top boxes sold to the company. Therefore, the company has disconnected the cable TV signals to those customers who have not filled up CRFs. This has caused more than 17,000 TV sets going blank. 
1 lakh set top box holders
The set top boxes are being sold in the city since 2008. Hathaway MCN has sold 1,00,212 boxes in last 5 years, it was informed recently to the entertainment tax section in the district collector's office. Some of the set top box holders have switched to DTH and some have shifted elsewhere, making it difficult to measure exact number of box holders in the city. 
Fraud in set top box sales
Hathaway MCN's general manager Diva Dahale said that they had given set top boxes to 180 cable operators for sale. But in many cases the operators have sold them to the customers at more than the prescribed price. After receiving the complaints, we started selling boxes directly. Many operators have not got the CRFs filled up. So we have stopped the relay signals. 
It is expected that the CRFs will help determine exact number of customers and bring transparency in the system.

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