Monday, 15 July 2013

Virus plays havoc with mobiles - Source LT

An application 'Funny Scandal EXE' is available on mobile phones with android. This mobile receives messages, porn videos and photos. A message is received to download the application and once it is downloaded, virus enters into the handset with this application. The handset stops working within few minutes after the virus enters, informed a mobile repair expert. Virus through internet
One of the mobile sellers said that around 70 per cent of people in Aurangabad have android mobile phones. Most of them make extensive use of internet. Virus often enters into the phones through internet and adversely affects software application in the mobile handset. The virus in handset cannot be seen but there is a problem in programming which can hang the mobile phone, battery backup weakens and internet speed is also affected. One of the experts informed that people are well aware of virus damaging a computer. However there is less awareness about virus damaging a mobile handset. Anti-virus should be installed in the mobile phone which costs around Rs 100 to Rs 400 which helps keep the handsets virus-free, said the expert

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