Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Vacant engg seats set to surpass last year's record by 11,500! - Source LT

 Around 51,500 engineering seats are sure to remain vacant across State after the final round ending today

With just one day to go for the engineering counselling to get over, a whopping 51,500 seats will remain vacant across the State, this year.
What is more worrisome for engineering colleges, especially private ones, is the fact that the number of vacant seats this year will be 11,500 more than last year's.
According to sources, it is almost certain that more than 51,500 seats of engineering courses will remain vacant after the State-level counselling round that is concluding tomorrow.
There are 365 colleges with over 1.56 lakh students across the State for the current academic year. The first and second of the Centralised Admission Process (CAP) process of engineering admissions were held from June 21 to July first week. Over one lakh seats were allotted to the students in these two rounds, while around 56,000 seats were vacant.
The State-level final round, which began here at the Government College of Engineering on July 16, concludes tomorrow (July 24). The possibility of extending the final round is very remote as it was already extended by five days.
Chairman of the admission committee of the final round Dr R K Shrivastav said a total of 3,976 students have made registration for the final round from July 16 to 23. 
"With the admission of 440 students today, 3,755 seats of engineering have been filled so far in the final round that ends tomorrow," he said, adding that those students who have marks from 59 to 54 marks were called for the admission today, while those having marks in the range of 53 and 20 will be called tomorrow — the last day.
According to sources, more than 51,500 seats out of the total 56,000 are likely to remain vacant even if the last day sees 500 admissions. More than 40,000 seats had remained vacant after the State-level counselling round of the last year. However, this time around, a whopping 51,500 seats are certain to be vacant. This means the figure of vacant seats this year will go up by 11,500 seats.

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