Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The catalysts - Accelerating change - Source LT

Catalyst Group members lifting garbage from the road in Osmanpura.
'Catalyst Group' a group of socially concerned youngsters, driven by the passion for making Aurangabad a clean city, have come together recently and collected the garbage littered on the Osmanpura road and dumped it in the garbage bin.

According to one of the youths, their sole aim is to contribute their might to make a difference for the city and to lead others by example. This voluntary group wants to ensure safety, harmony and quality of being good citizens. 
It's we who can change the face of our city, so it all starts with us, said the team. Members of Catalyst Group Sumit Jaripatke, Yash Unde, Faisan Rahim, Farhan Mody, Aditya Mahajan, Rishi Kaul, Isha Soni, Daksha Soni and others have pledged to continue with the social work. As part of their next programme, the members will be cleaning Himayat Bagh area on August 2 at 4.30 pm. Those who wish to voluntarily join the noble cause may reach at the above venue, appealed the team.

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