Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Students vying for new art education courses - Source LT

All junior and senior colleges have re-opened recently after vacations. Admissions are also nearing completion in several colleges. Many students are now preferring some new courses to regular ones. Art Master, CTC and D P Ed courses are available easily in Mumbai-Pune colleges and now they are also being offered in Aurangabad. 
There are some courses important for learning the abstract, portrait, figurative, creative and combination artworks. And only selected art eduction is must to get the technical information of these courses. CTC or Craft Teacher Course, Construction Supervisor, Art Master, DP Ed are among some courses offered by the local Raja Ravi Verma Art College. All of these are job oriented courses. 
These courses are required in the field of web designing, jewellery making and fashion designing. Many students are preferring Foundation, ATD, GD Art courses in large numbers. There are job opportunities for students in colleges, advertisement agencies, schools and government offices.
Noted art teacher Prof Uday Bhoir said, "Various types of jobs, scholarships and facilities are available in government, semi-government and private places; but students do not have information about them. There is a lack of confidence among the students who are taking education in art field as compared to other students. They need guidance from the experienced personalities."

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