Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Students object to report on bogus varsities - Source LT

The Ph D Researchers Action Committee took objection to the report submitted by Khairnar Samiti terming 26 private universities as bogus. Addressing a press conference here on Wednesday, the members of the committee said that the committee has intentionally included the name of JJT University in the list of bogus private universities. It may be noted here that the Khairnar Committee submitted its report to the university on Monday and recommended not to consider the degree of 26 universities including Algappa, JJT University and CMJ University, for jobs and further education within their jurisdiction.
Dr Ratnakar Rokade, Dr Sunil Jadhv and Dr Prasad Karandikar said that the students of JJT University are getting Rajiv Gandhi and Maulana Azad Fellowships of UGC. How this university can be a bogus institution, they questioned.
They also threatened to launch agitation if the name of this university is not removed from the report.


  1. vikram shah (panvel)
    31 Jul, 2013 10:41 PM
    We the researchers from all over Maharashtra are expecting some explanations about some of the unexplained points as seen in the news report. We will be highly obliged and thankful if these points are publicly addressed/published with proof to the research fraternity. with due appriciation to your efforts.
    1.Who appointed the" Khairnar Committee"?
    2. Was this committee having approval from Government of Maharashtra/UGC/ Ministry of HRD/ Ministry Higher and technical Education Maharashtra state / Governer of Maharashtra. If so It should be made public.
    3. What was the area of investigation entrusted upon this committee? What were the tools used for the same.
    4. Was this committee having the judicial powers/Executive
    powers to recommend certain university Bogus/Fraud? kindly make these letters public.
    5. Was this committee having the Judicial powers/Executive
    powers to recommend certain degree awarded by certain UGC approved university as bogus and Fraud?
    6. Are the Findings of the committee binding on UGC/ Other Universities ( State/ Deemed /Private)
    7. Why one should not believe that the motives of the commiottee are biased and prejudiced?
    8. What were the measures applied by this committee before deciding the a degree awarded by a UGC Approved University as Bogus /Fraud?
    9. What were the special powers entrusted upon this committee which states that JJTU / some UGC listed and approved university does not have the approval / right to award Phds when UGC through several RTIs has stated that this university can award Phds by following the UGC Guidelines for PHD 2009.
    10. How do you come to the conclusion case by case with every student of a UGC approved private university like JJTU that he /she has done a bogus research, is it not a sort of a blame you put on the honesty of an individual. In JJTU every resercher is doing International publications as per the norms, every thesis goes through plagiarism check( not more than 15%) and uploaded on shoadganga then how can the committee say that the research is bogus?
    9. Could these recommendations of the committee withstand before the court of law if challenged?
    10. Were the members appointed to this committee some retired Judges / Third party individuals not directly related to BAMU?
    11. What is criterion to decide a research as authentic/ Fraud as decided by this committee and who empowered them decide about and approve these conclusions.
    You are an extremely respected and knowledgeable intellect in the DR BAMU. Kindly help us know these facts publicly or otherwise through mail so that we are blessed with your guidence.

    Thanking You
    Yours truly
    Vikram Shah.


    RAJASTHAN-333 001
    27th to 29th APRIL, 2011

    1. In view of the above facts and observations, discussions with students,
    staff members (teaching and non- teaching), and members of the Board of
    Management of the University the Expert Committee is of the opinion that
    Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (A private University),
    Vidyanagari, Village -Chudela, District – Jhunjhunu, Established by an Act
    of State Legislative of Rajasthan, is not fulfilling the norms/regulations of
    the UGC/AICTE.
    2. The Expert Committee suggests that the reassessment of the University
    be undertaken by the UGC after passing out three batches of their
    Undergraduate courses (B.Tech.) or five years w.e.f. the current year.
    (Establishment and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities)
    Regulations, 2003.
    3. The University is likely to start a Ph.D programme in all disciplines
    without competent faculty and proper infrastructure i.e. labs and
    computational facilities. The Expert Committee feels that at this stage the
    University should not be permitted to start Ph.D. Programme.

    1. Where is this report?

      Many private universities took permission from UGC for UG and PG courses and in their inspection report "Ph.D." is proposed course. Then also they have started Ph.D. program before UGC Committee inspection. Still UGC inspection has not carried out for many private university then also they awarded Ph.D. degrees.

      How many universities check Plagiarism for Ph.D. thesis. Few universities are checking thesis for Plagiarism but limit for copied part is 30/40 %. But in JJTU it is 15 %.

      How many State/Deemed/Central and Private Universities following UGC Regulation 2009 for M. Phil and Ph.D.

      How many universities put synopsis on ShodhGangotri after DRC and thesis on ShodhGanga after Open defense Viva?

      JJTU follows all UGC regulations for Ph.D.

      If as per UGC committee report JJTU should not start Ph.D. program then how 1st Convocation of JJTU completed on 27th Jan 2013 without taking permission from UGC? If this convocation was fake then why UGC still not reported JJTU as fake University?

      Why in many RTI report UGC said JJTU is valid for offering Ph.D. program but it should be as per UGC regulation 2009 for Ph.D. As JJTU is following all regulations for Ph.D. I think Ph.D. from JJTU is not fake.


  3. as per khairnar committee JJTU is fake university if it is not true why JJTU not published objection on that report


  4. the report is available on UGC web

    1. Please Put the link where report is available


    3. This report only says University may be again inspected
      as per the procedure and formats. Dosen't mean that JJTU is fake

    4. Why final inspection report / query report of JJT University, is not available on JJTU web site / UGC web site?
      In few RTI it is mentioned that JJTU can held on campus PhD Programme.
      Then is PhD registration as external candidate is valid for JJTU?

    5. New Link on UGC Web

      "No" Approval Status


      Students/Public at large are advised to go through this website carefully at the time of taking admission and should clarify the status of the University from UGC before taking admission in any Private University other than those listed above

  5. New Link on UGC Web

    "No" Approval Status

    JJTU has not even applied for approval....

  6. the webpage of "Approval & Collaboartion" from JJTU website is BLANK

    Also its webiste is not accessible.

    1. Now UGC declared list of fake university! recent 20/05/2014 so don't object JJTU ! It is established by state legislative assembly and can award any degrees! Finally truth come! Please dont bark now against JJTU!

  7. STILL Today, the webpage of "Approval & Collaboartion" from JJTU website is BLANK

    They have published letters of RTI under UGC Approval link

    thus misguiding general students.

    UGC should take take action against such peoples.

  8. JJTU is a scam University. These people just admission for the Ph.D program and do not provide a Proper Guide . They are just taking money from the students , Please do not take admission to this university . If you dont belief then go to the university first talk to students. I am already suffering after i took admission to this university. Thank

  9. Jjtu provide phd in only two yrs,no matter wheather papers are in paid journals. Its a shortcut for any degree

  10. UGC (Establishment of and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulations, 2003 are reproduced below for information of all the Private Universities: -
    3.7. A private University shall provide all the relevant information relating to the first degree and post-graduate degree/diploma programme(s) including the curriculum structure, contents, teaching and learning process, examination and evaluation system and the eligibility criteria for admission of students, to the UGC on a proforma prescribed by the UGC prior to starting of these programmes.

    To consider the report of the UGC Expert Committee which visited ShriJagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (State Private University),Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) on 27-29
    April, 2011 to assess fulfilment of criteria interms of programmes, faculty, infrastructural facilities, financial viability, etc., aslaid down from time to time by the UGC and other concerned statutory bodies.
    The Commission considered the report of the UGC Expert Committee whichvisited Shri Jagdishprasad Jhabarmal Tibrewala University (Private University), Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan) and decided that the University may be again inspected as per the procedure and formats approved at Item No. 5.01.

  11. Why JJTU is not repling properly on khairnar samiti recommendation to save the students who took admission in JJTU and sincerly doing course work , open defend synopsis and other academic activities which they are implementing

  12. JJT is valid and recognized for JOB and promotion