Wednesday, 31 July 2013

'Sai Ke Rahasya' narrates life of Sai Baba - Source LT

A Hindi movie based on stories of Shirdi Saibaba 'Sai Ke Rahasya' is set to hit theatres in Marathwada on August 2. "The movie is based on the book 'Sai Charitra'," said director K Pawar. 
The film is based on incidents in the Saibaba's life and people's faith in his powers and has been shot at various places. Saibaba's thoughts were opposed at first and then the opponents realised their importance, he said. 
"We have also tried to show the difference between the old and new Shirdi," he added. One can know about the life of Saibaba after reading his stories. However, how he lived, how his power was appreciated and how he tried to free people from their problems forms the essence of the movie, which ends with a story with the life of one Kulkarni who at first opposed him but then, upon realizing his powers, changed his views. Ashok Bagul plays the role of Saibaba, while Shivaji More is essaying Kulkarni. Hema Bharte and Siddhant Kamble (child Saibaba) are other artists.

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