Sunday, 28 July 2013

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School education minister Rajendra Darda waters a plant to mark the inauguration of a fashion show for senior citizens organised by Club Kya Zamana Tha in Aurangabad on Sunday. Also seen are Rajesh Sarkate, Ravi Khinvasara, Satish Nagre and others. Participants
Janak Malik, Meena Agrawal, Sharayu Raje, Alka Subhedar, Lata Kapdane, Chitra Pilkhane, Aruna Kabra, Urmila Harshe, Bharati Rojoria, Sushama Patil, Kiran Sharma, Suresh Yawalkar, Sharad Udare, Prabhakar Subhedar, Chandrakant Mule, Omprakash Kabra, Govind Deshpande, Dilip Pilkhane, Chandrakant Raje and Sudhakar Dhas

If given an opportunity, senior citizens are also ready to live a happy and enthusiastic life and their enthusiasm proves helpful for everyone around them. This was proved by the fashion show organised for them. 
The show was organised by 'Club Kya Zamana Tha' on Sunday at Marathi Sahitya Parishad's Yashwantrao Chavan Hall. Not only senior citizens, but also kids and youths took part in the show. Senior citizens won hearts of the audience who showed their love for life and life-partner through their positive attitude. They love to dress well, dance with the partner on the tunes of romantic songs, they love to enjoy rain. 
Senior citizens in the age group of 60-80 won this show. But they had practised for 15 days, said R J Preshit.
It was told in the beginning that this was the first show of its kind in the country. The show began with the morning walk of a couple. After this, senior citizens enjoyed rain with their life partner with umbrellas on the tune of the song 'Pyar huwa ekrar huwa, pyar se phir kyun darta hai dil' from Shri 420 movie. In wedding show round, they relived their wedding day with similar dress and enthusiasm.
The show was made interesting by anchoring of Pradeep Bansode, R J Preshit, Mona and Pranita. In one of the rounds kids even presented a dance.

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