Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Guru-Shishya relation revealed thru festival - Source LT

The importance of guru in everybody's life is very much and the same was underlined by various dignitaries on the occasion of Gurupurnima on Monday.
A three-day Gurupurnima festival was organised jointly by Suryoday Parivar and Sadguru Dutt Religious and Spiritual Trust, Indore on Monday at Sant Tukaram Natyamandir in presence of Bhayyuji Maharaj, actor Milind Gunaji, Syyad Moinuddin Kishti from Ajmer, Bhante Vishwanand, singer Pundit Nath Neralkar, Dada Maharaj Kolhapurkar, MLA Pradeep Jaiswal, former MP Jaysinghrao Gaikwad and Ambadas Danve. 
Actor Milind Gunaji was interviewed live based on his TV serial 'Bhatkanti'. Scholar in Sant literature Dr Y M Pathan said India has very ancient tradition of guru-shishya. Guru is the most important person in life, followed by the parents. This tradition will be kept alive in the future also. Bhante Vishwanand said "we should follow guru if we want to achieve perfection. We need to select the guru very carefully. Tathagar Gautam Buddha had groomed many shishyas."
Kishti said that the place of guru is equivalent to mother in life. Gaikwad said that guru acts as a guide in life. 'Hawai Mulukhgiri' - a book written by Milind Gunaji, was released by Bahyyuji Maharaj in the function. The books titled 'Jine ki Rah' and 'Ek Tejomay Khoj' were released by Sadguru Datta Religious and Spiritual Trust. Kolhapur based balladeer Shahir Azad Papalal Nayakwadi presented ballads in the evening. MLAs Kalyan Kale, Badamrao Pandit, mayor Kala Oza, Rishikesh Khaire, Sharadkaka Pawar and Akil Abbas were present.

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