Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Fringe area devp plan announced by Cidco - Source LT

■ Document has provisions for development of 35,000 acres in 28 villages
The Cidco administration today released its new draft plan for development of 28 villages in the fringe areas of the city. It aims at development of 35,000 acres (15,184 hectares). 
The city will in future see development of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Waluj suburb area and 28 villages. The administration has prepared an existing land use reservation draft. It was released today. The Cidco has estimated that population of these areas will reach 6.70 lakh by 2020. 
Farmers and residents can get time till July 30 to raise objections or make suggestions for the draft. Residents had gathered in large numbers at the Cidco office to see whether their land has been reserved for some purpose. The road for development of fringe areas will be cleared only after decision on objections raised on the development draft. The Cidco will be opening a special window for those who want to raise objections. 
Now that the draft has been published, hurdles in the way of construction permission in yellow zone have been removed.
Reservations in six zones
Zone 1: For population of 17,000 at Jatwada, Ohar and Islampurwadi, there will be 13 schools, 2 high schools, 3 hospitals, 2 trade centres, 3 gardens, 4 playgrounds, 3 reading rooms and libraries and 1 town hall.
Zone 2: For 52,000 people at Ashrafpur, Sawangi, Tuljapur, Krushnapur there will be 11 schools, 7 high schools , 5 hospitals, 4 trade centres, 7 gardens, 8 playgrounds, 7 libraries, 1 town hall and 2 crematoriums.
Zone 3: For 71,000 people at Pisadevi, Gopalpur, Sajapur, Antapur, Mandki, Daulatpur, Malharpur, Rampur, Kachhighati, Sultanpur, Fattepur and Hirapur villages, 23 schools, 13 high schools , 9 hospitals, 7 trade centres, 5 gardens, 10 playgrounds, 11 libraries, 4 town halls and 10 crematoriums will be developed.
Zone 4: For the population of 1,07,000 at Sundarwadi, Jhalta, Gandheli, Balapur villages, 27 schools, 18 high schools, 15 hospitals, 7 trade centres, 11 gardens, 13 playgrounds, 16 libraries, 5 town halls and 13 crematoriums will be developed.
Zone 5: For Satara and Deolai villages (3,05,000) there will be 79 schools, 24 high schools, 14 hospitals, 9 trade centres, 11 gardens, 16 playgrounds, 13 libraries, 5 town halls and 5 crematoriums.
Zone 6: For population of 40,000 at Gevrai and Gevrai Tanda villages, 12 schools, 16 high schools, 4 hospitals, 2 trade centres, 5 gardens, 9 playgrounds, 9 libraries, 2 town halls and 5 crematoriums will be developed.

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