Monday, 15 July 2013

Chikalthana PS lacks landline phone service - Source LT

Tarang telephone service at the Chikalthana police station which covers around 50 surrounding villages is defunct for the last six months. 
It has put the police station in trouble as police do not get information of incidents that occur in its jurisdiction. 
Police station has made several pleas to the rural superintendent of police office. However, it only received assurances during the last six months. Eventually, the staff at police station use their own mobile phones.
Chikalthana police station is the oldest police station under rural SP office which covers areas from Gevrai tanda, Kachner to Shivghadhtanda to Kachhi Ghati. The police station has been provided with Tarang phone functioning on antenna but it is defunct since last six month.
Assistant police inspector at police station N M Pardeshi brought the problem to the notice of SP office on umpteen occasions and also demanded new landline phone of BSNL. However, all his pleas have fallen on deaf ear of SP office staff.
Owing to defunct Tarang service, police station employees have to use their own mobile phones to get information about crime or any incident in their limits. It costs each of them Rs 50-60 every day which multiplies to Rs 1800 at the end of the month.
Lokmat Times had highlighted the issue of defunct Tarang phone service of the police station. Taking note of it, the telephone service was restored for eight days but again it has developed snag.
API Pardeshi further said, "We have applied to the BSNL for new landline connection. We hope that station will soon get new landline connection. Tarang service has no network in the police station, hence it is of no use for us."

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