Friday, 5 July 2013

Ban cell phones on campus: Principals - Source LT

Principals of the city colleges have maintained that since students are found misusing their cell phones, they should be banned from carrying phones on the campuses. 
There were recent plans to install mobile jammers on the college campuses to prohibit students from using their phones. "We could not implement this plan because a government resolution in this regard was not received," said principal Dr P V Ashtekar of Shiv Chhatrapati College. He further said that most of his students stringently follow rules and do not use their phones when on the campus.
Contrary to this, principal Samad Shaikh of Vasantrao Naik College said that students gets distracted during lectures as they listen to music, read message from their friends, surf internet and watch videos on their smart phones. He further said that teachers get diverted by this behavior and therefore, use of mobile phones is quite a menace. Child psychologists claim that students get emotionally affected due to excessive use of mobile phones. Principal Shiurkar of Deogiri Institute of Engineering seconded this opinion. 
But despite the college principals' directives, students are found handling the mobiles on the college campus. Some principals said that if they receive a resolution from state government regarding mobile jammer, the college administrations will install the same. But some principals while expressing their views said that if jammer is installed on college campus, principals, professors and other staff will face inconvenience.

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