Sunday, 30 June 2013

Water level in dams goes up - Source LT

Water level in nearly all irrigation projects from Marathwada has increased slightly after good rainfall during June. Water stock has increased by 2 per cent in big irrigation projects and one per cent in small projects. There is 6 per cent water stock at present in Marathwada's small, medium and big dams. 
Nearly all dams in the region went dry in January-end or first week of February because of insufficient rainfall for two consecutive years. Water situation worsened in May. The drought in Marathwada became a matter of great concern for the State as well as the Central Governments which released aid worth crores. 
This year, the rainfall started little early and dams began witnessing inflow of water. During the last 15 days, the water stock in nearly all dams has increased marginally. On the first day of June, the water stock in 9 big dams of Marathwada was 161 Million Cubic Metres (MCM) only but now it has increased by 85 MCM and reached 246 MCM mark. Still big projects are having only five per cent stock of their capacity. Water stock in the small irrigation projects has also increased marginally. There are 717 small projects in Marathwada's eight districts and their capacity is 1496 MCM. Stock of water in this dams was 69 MCM on June 1 but has now touched 89 MCM. Water stock in medium irrigation projects was average 11 per cent and despite good rainfall water level in these projects has not increased.

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