Sunday, 30 June 2013

Traffic jam at Mhaismal bothers holidaymakers - Source LT

With the onset of monsoon, Mhaismal hill station is attracting a lot of tourists from the city and surrounding places. The greenery has increased Mhaismal's appeal among the picnickers visiting this mountainous terrain. Today being Sunday, several nature lovers visited the spot to enjoy its scenic beauty. However, they had to face severe inconvenience as the traffic at the Mhaismal Ghat came to a standstill for almost three hours. The police had made no arrangements whatsoever for the smooth movement of vehicles. 
Thousands of residents from the city went to Mhaismal to enjoy their holiday. Several cars proceeded towards the hill station right from the morning. On the way towards Mhaismal, people were seen sipping tea at the roadside kiosks. Some were seen eating thier tiffins while some even had drinks. The traffic on the narrow road increased as the number of revelers grew in the afternoon. It seemed that the traffic police had not anticipated the crowd so there was no one to handle the situation. Drunkards were creating ruckus. Several people had to stay back due to traffic snarl witnessed between 3 pm and 7 pm.

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