Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Tinted glass: 1,001 fined, police officials net Rs 1L - Source The Times Of India

The city police conducted a surprise drive on Monday evening and collected Rs one lakh fine from as many as 1,001 car owners for using tinted glasses on their vehicles. During the 'zero tolerance' drive, which lasted for about two hours, the police also made car owners remove the black films from the windshields of their cars. 

Senior police officials said that such surprise drives would be conducted at least once a month. 

Car owners with black films on their cars had a tough time as police officers, including police commissioner Sanjay Kumar, and traffic police constables slapped fines on them on all the busy roads of the city. 

Ajeet Borhade, assistant commissioner of police (traffic), said, "We have been instructed to conduct zero tolerance drives at regular intervals. Every time, we will target a specific category of violators and slap fines on them. This time, cars with black films faced the heat. We will definitely conduct such drives at least once or twice a month." 

In January this year, Kumar came out with a unique way to deal with rampant traffic rules violations in the city and decided to conduct unannounced 'zero tolerance' drives. 

In one of its earlier drives, the city police had collected Rs 2.36 lakh fine within just two hours on January 7 between 4 pm and 6 pm, following instructions from Kumar. During the drive, altogether 2,076 people were fined for violating traffic norms. During that drive too, the police commissioner along with several other policemen were found fining traffic rule violators on all the busy roads in the city. The drive had caught many people by surprise.

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