Wednesday, 12 June 2013

'State will soon be free of load-shedding' - Source LT

"Out of various power transmission companies across India, the one in Maharashtra has the maximum transmission capacity," said Arvind Singh, managing director, Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company (MSETC). 
While speaking at the inauguration of a workshop of the technical workers here on Monday, he said at present towers are being erected throughout the State. "After completion of this work, the State will become self-sufficient in power and load-shedding will be a thing of the past," he maintained. 
President of the Technical Workers Association N K Magar presided over the workshop, while the guests of honour were director of Mahapareshan (project) Omprakash Empal, executive director S G Kelkar, chief engineer Rohidas Maske, Vikas Badhe, M L Sanap and G T Mundhe. Syed Zahiroddin made an introductory speech. Shravan Kolnurkar conducted the proceedings, while zone president R P Thorat proposed a vote of thanks.

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