Friday, 7 June 2013

SSC pass percentage rises by 10% - Source The Times Of India

The Aurangabad divisional board scored an overall pass percentage of 81.18% in the 2013 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination, against its performance of 71.36% in 2012, achieving a 10% growth in its overall percentage: a steep climb from the 5.33% leap last year. 

Maintaining its trend of consistent improvement, Aurangabad division managed to move a step ahead in the state's overall SSC results, coming sixth. Last year, the division stood seventh in the state. The division stood second in the state with its Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination results in 2013. 

Meanwhile, Latur failed to impress with its results, settling at the bottom of the results ladder in the state for the second consecutive year. The pass percentage graph too reflected an abysmal drop: from a 14.57% rise last year to just 4% this year. The division had registered a 66.11% cumulative percentage result last year against 51.54% in 2011. 

In 2013, the overall pass percentage for Latur division was marked at 73.75%. About 93, 204 students appeared for the SSC in Latur division, among whom 70, 955. 

In Aurangabad, more students scored distinction and first class in SSC compared to last year's records, said Prakash Pathare, the divisional board secretary. "The number of students with distinctions has grown to 22,609 this year against 14, 364 last year. Altogether, 48,385 students gained first class marks this year, while 37,563 managed to score first class in 2012," Pathare said. The pass percentage of girls in the division stood 82.94%, while that figure for boys was 79.87%." 

And in a consecutive feat, girls outshone boys in the pass percentage in 2013: by 3.07% in the freshers category and 4.78% in the repeaters category. 

As many as 51, 158 students appeared for the SSC examination from Aurangabad, of whom 41, 220 cleared the examination, achieving 80.57% results. Beed scored highest among the five districts in the division with a score 88.24%, while Jalna stood second, bagging 83.67%. 

Though the number of girls appearing for the 2013 SSC examination was lesser than the boys, the fairer sex managed to score better. Around 81, 666 boys and 60, 848 girls appeared from the five districts: Aurangabad, Beed, Parbhani, Jalna and Hingoli. 

Pathare said that the increase in the pass percentage indicates that candidates in the region have put in their best efforts and had prepared well for the tests. "The anti-copying campaign carried out strictly by the authorities has also contributed to the success of the division in Marathwada," he added. 

The examination was conducted in February-March this year, at 512 examination centres. The education board had deployed 58 invigilators; 512 centre co-ordinators; 512 centre deputy directors; 5, 493 supervisors; 10 chief controllers; 842 controllers and 6, 249 examiners for the tests. Flying squads and seating squads were also active at all times during the examination, Pathare added.

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