Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Orchard farmers to get compensation by July - Source LT

The agriculture department will provide compensations to the orchard farmers who suffered huge losses due to grim drought situation by July.
The agriculture department has forwarded one more proposal of ` 3.70 crore to the state government for those farmers whose orchards were not mentioned on 7/12 extracts and thus they are bereft of the financial help. Besides, the department has decided to distribute second installment of the compensation by July end.
Orchards on 3,000 hectares have withered owing to shortage of water in the district. Besides, it was expected that there would be more damage to orchards in the summer period. On its backdrop, the central government decided to extend financial assistance of ` 30,000 per hectare to save the remaining orchards. It was also declared that first installment would be released immediately and second would be given in June after saving the orchards. The government had imposed the condition of mulching of the orchards to get the assistance.
Meantime, the agriculture assistants conducted the survey wherein they took note of those farmers who had made the entry of orchards in the 7/12 extracts. However, the assistants did not take the note of those farmers who had not made the entry of orchards in 7/12 extracts. Hence, such farmers despite growing orchards are deprived of the government assistance. 
Besides, many farmers had applied for assistance when the help was being distributed.
Now, the survey process has been completed and the district superintendent agriculture office has forwarded the proposal of ` 3.70 crores to the state government so that remaining farmers could also get the help. 
The purpose behind this is that no orchard growing farmer is deprived of the financial help, said district superintendent agriculture officer Pandit Lonare.
He further added that second installment of the financial assistance would be distributed by July end and the condition of mulching to get the help would not be relaxed.

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