Friday, 14 June 2013

MBA losing sheen - Source LT

Against 48,000 seats in Maharashtra, only 20,000 students turned up for CMAT Total MBA seats in State — 48,000
Students appeared for CMAT — 20,000
Likely vacant seats — 28,000
Appeared students from city — 1,400 Against 48,000 seats in Maharashtra, only 20,000 students turned up for CMAT
Master of Business Administration (MBA), which usually draws students in hordes from a wide range of academic disciplines, seems to be losing its sheen with many students turning their backs on it.
There are 48,000 MBA seats in Maharashtra, but only 20,000 students turned up for the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) held for the MBA course, this year. This shows the course is fast loosing its demand.
Nowadays, students are giving their first priority to professional courses like medical, engineering, medical and pharmacy. Many students are not getting good jobs after completing MBA. Many spend lakhs of rupees for doing MBA in big cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangaluru. But after getting the degree, they are not getting jobs. Some students said whatever they learn during the MBA course is helpful for interviews only. It doesn't help in practical jobs. An MBA course is nothing but an additional degree, which doesn't guarantee a good job, they claimed. 
A majority of students are preferring engineering degree courses as they have better job prospects. 
Last year, a CET was conducted for MBA admissions. So, it was easy to take admission in MBA course. This year, CMAT was held which was comparatively more difficult than the CET. Moreover, a large number of students did not understand the complicated admission process, according to ARC centres in-charge. 

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