Friday, 14 June 2013

GTL to use thermo vision cameras - Source LT

Now, citizens can hope for an uninterrupted power supply during this monsoon. For the first time, the power franchisee (GTL Urja) is going to use thermo vision cameras to detect faults on live conductors and restore power within minimum time possible.
The usage of cameras will be a boon as the technical staff will not have to run from pillar to post to detect a fault during rainy season. Moreover, they will not have to face public wrath for any delay in restoring power supply. 
Many a time, power supply gets disrupted following the separation of compression joints in the overhead conductors due to a rise in temperature (hot spot). Thermo vision cameras (3 in number) will help in detecting a fault without wasting time and energy.
Under its action plan to maintain power supply during the four months of rainy season, GTL Urja has spared power-on-wheels, cable testing van (to detect underground cables), set up call centre with toll free number (1800 2339292). Twenty-six vehicles (Chota Hatti) are also put on standby to be used in emergency.
According to GTL sources, the franchisee has formed two teams, each comprising of 33 personnel, to look after the repair and maintenance of power supplying cables and double poles, including distribution boxes. Staff of fuse call centres have also been instructed to attend complaints promptly. To sum up, the power franchisee will be functioning 24x7 during the monsoon.
Meanwhile, GTL public relations officer Sameer Pathak has appealed to citizens to stay alert and contact officials in case of any power breakdown on the toll free number. Citizens may also contact, if they spot any sparking in DPs, DBs, feeders, felling of trees or any other damage.
"GTL personnel will immediately reach the place in vehicles equipped with electrical components needed for repairing and restoring the power supply," he said. 
Pathak also appealed to citizens not to touch any electric poles or live cables lying on the ground to avoid any untoward incidents. 
Moreover, the usage of electrical appliances and accessories has been increased in the city. Therefore, citizens should get check their 'earthing' corrected or connected soon. There are 2.33 lakh consumers in the city.
Pre-monsoon maintenance
Under its pre-monsoon drive, GTL Urja has completed maintenance works within the stipulated time.
The existing power supply network includes 185 kms long 33 KV line with 34 feeders; 793 kms long 11 KV lines with 138 feeders; 2,257 kms long low tension (LT) lines; 2,551 transformers and 773 high voltage distribution system (HVDS) transformers. There are 26 fuse call centres.
According to the GTL PRO, to improve distribution reliability and maintain uninterrupted power supply, they have replaced 112 rusted or bend poles, 11 kms long old conductor, 146 distribution boxes (DBs). added 16 new transformers and fixed 3,666 loose spanners in LT spacers.
"We have pruned tree branches at 234 locations (HT connections), 459 locations (LT connections), erected new fencing around 73 DTCs, constructed 24 new plinths for DTCs and completed re-earthing of 40 DTCs," he added.

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