Sunday, 16 June 2013

Amount should not underrate donation, says Dhariwal n Donors exhorted to work for society - Source LT

Inustrialist Rasiklal Dhariwal speaking during the inauguration of Dr Hedgewar Hospital second floor work, in Aurangabad on Sunday. Shobha Dhariwal and Rameshwarlal Kabra are also seen.

Rasiklal M Dhariwal Foundation and Manikchand will undertake the plantation of 75,000 saplings in Maharashtra and Gujarat this year. The foundation is going to conserve the saplings for five years. The programme will mark the platinum jubilee birth anniversary of Rasiklal M Dhariwal. 
"Whether big or small donation is after all donation. Its importance should not be judged with the amount," said chairman of Rasiklal Manikchand Foundation Rasiklal Dhariwal.
He was speaking during the inauguration of second floor of second phase building of Dr Hedgewar Hospital here on Sunday. Rasiklal M Dhariwal Foundation donated Rs 7 crores for the project. 
Prominent among those present were industrialist Rameshwarlal Kabra, Vimalkumar Kediya, Shobha Dhariwal, Janvhi Dhariwal and president of Dr Hedgewar Hospital Anil Bhalerao.
An emotionally charged Dhariwal said, "I always lament that my father died at 40 for want of an injection on time. It inspired me to work in the field of health services. I am very happy to see the second floor of Dr Hedgewar Hospital. Many donors keep their donation secret but if such donors make their names public it would inspire others to do the same." 
On the occasion, Shobha Dhariwal shared her views and enlightened the audience about various projects undertaken by the foundation.
The foundation has built star hospital at Rasiklal Dhariwal's village in Shirur tehsil of Pune followed by a cancer hospital and Ayurved hospital in Gujarat.
Vimalkumar Kabra said all sections of society should donate as per their capacity and health services should reach even in remote areas.
Dr Bharat Deshmukh made an introductory speech, Dr Anant Pandhere welcomed the guests and Anil Bhalerao proposed a vote of thanks.

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