Wednesday, 19 June 2013

AMC identifies 270 HRAs in city - Source LT

  ■ MOs alerted to 'be prepared' to tackle epidemics

The health administration today alerted its medical officers (MOs) to focus on providing medical aid in 270 high risk areas (HRA) which are under threat of water-borne and vector-borne diseases. 
The health officer Dr Jaishree Kulkarni said, " The MOs have been asked to 'Be Prepared' in tackling epidemic and contagious diseases if there is any outbreak. We have also apprised them of 141 HRAs posing threat of water-borne diseases and 129 HRAs posing threat of vector-borne diseases in the city. We have identified HRAs which has a record of finding patients suffering from water-borne diseases and vector-borne diseases in the past couple of years." 
There are 22 primary health centres (PHCs) and five hospitals of AMC in the city. All the MOs have been directed to ensure that their centre is equipped with epidemic kit, necessary medicines and they have to test water samples twice a week (at random) etc. 
"We have also started the Control Room (24x7) in the Birth and Death registration section and the attendants here will record all details about epidemic and contagious diseases received during emergency. The AMC has also spared one jeep and also provided an epidemic kit at this room. The citizens may dial telephone number (0240) 2333536-40 and ask for extension number 250,"said the health 
Officer, Dr Jaishree Kulkarni adding that the attendants in the office will also accept complaints and alerts received through emails. 
ARV in AMC hospitals 
As a preventive measure, the AMC has also placed an order for anti-rabies vaccine (ARV) which is administered to dog-bite patients. A stock of around 700 ARVs has been dispatched from Mumbai and will soon be in the possession of AMC in two days, underlined Dr Kulkarni.

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