Wednesday, 19 June 2013

AMC gears up to tackle calamities - Source LT

The Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has set up a Control Room on its campus, which will be functioning 24 x 7 from June 17 to September 15, 2013. Not a single emergency call was recorded in the past three days. 
During the 60 day schedule, there will be one attendant (of different cadre) in one shift. Hence there will be three attendants in three shifts. The AMC has prepared the duty schedules under the supervision of deputy engineer B G Boinwad. 
It may be noted that the city had started receiving heavy rain since June 5. The rainfall is moderate, but as a preventive measure, the Control Room has been set up in AMC's telephone office. 
If case of floods due to heavy rains or drain water entering into houses, lightning, uprooting of trees, electric poles or any kind of emergency, citizens should not hesitate to contact the Control Room, (0240) 2333536-40, for immediate action. Timely help will save lives of people, animals and minimise property losses. 
The deputy engineer B G Boinwad is in-charge of the Control Room. The attendants will be maintaining coordination with the higher authorities and the ward officers concerned for immediate action. 
It may be noted that the population of the city is 13 lakhs and there exists around 2 lakh properties in the jurisdiction of AMC comprising 99 election wards. For smooth governance, these wards are divided into six administrative ward offices. The ward office wise strength (of election wards) is as follows : Ward A - 16 wards ; Ward B - 17 wards ; Ward C - 17 wards ; Ward D - 16 wards ; Ward E - 16 wards and Ward F - 17 wards.

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