Sunday, 16 June 2013

Ambarwadikar students develop new software for petrol pumps - Source LT

Named as 'Petrol Pump System,' this software helps in maintaining the records of petrol pumps for a long period as a perfect technique of the database connectivity is used in it .

Students of the Ambarwadikar Institute of Technology have developed a software project named 'Petrol Pump System' to maintain the data of the sale, purchase and accounting of petroleum products. This software is already being used by two petrol pumps. 
It was difficult for petrol pump owners to maintain their records, but now this software, developed by Vishal Lande Patil, Akash Nikalge and Sapna Chouthmal, has made it easy. They were guided by principal N N Pathak, head of department Manoj Mhaske and J M Shinde.
With the help of this software, records of petrol pumps can be maintained for a long period as a perfect technique of the database connectivity is used in it. Things which can be accessed in the software are sale record, purchase record, billing, daily sale, monthly sale and any type of details can be stored in this software. With this project, human efforts and a lot of time can be saved.
How to use this software
This software will be accessed by providing a username and password in Suppliers' Master option, whole set of records and details of a supplier can be saved and accessed in Item Master, details regarding the stock of petrol, diesel and other products can be saved and accessed. Other options like bank details, purchase details, employee report etc make it easy for a petrol pump owner to maintain his business record.

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