Saturday, 11 May 2013

Zilla Parishad administration ensures enough stock of fertilizers - Source LT

The Zilla Parishad administration has geared up for coming Kharip season to provide adequate fertilizers in district. 
The administration has approved allotment of 2.44 lakh metric tones of fertilizers to ensure that all farmers get sufficient and required fertilizers.
The farmers have to shell out hefty amount for purchasing fertilizers from the black market owing to shortage of fertilizers.
Now, the farmers need not run here and there for fertilizers as the department has made available the fertilizers.
District agriculture officer, Harichandra Zanzan said, "We have made available the stock of fertilizers at all fertilizer shops in the district. Thus, there will be no longer queues of farmers before the fertilizers' shop. We will take action against the guilty if anyone is found selling fertilizers in black market."
Approved stock of fertilizer as follows in metric tones : Urea (92,000), DAP (65,000), MOP(15,300), SSP(24,800), ASP (2,900), and mix fertilizers (44,700).

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