Sunday, 12 May 2013

Vyapari Mahasangh shows solidarity with state traders - Source LT

In support of the agitation launched by the traders across the state against local body tax (LBT), the Aurangabad Zilla Vyapari Mahasangh has also decided to go on strike on May 14. 
The petrol pumps, commercial complexes, malls, mondha and other trading organisations will remain closed on Tuesday, the Mahasangh informed through a press release. 
It may be noted here that LBT has been imposed in the city for the past one and a half years. The traders had decided to accept LBT due to poor financial condition of the municipal corporation. The traders had accepted the LBT until the goods and service tax GST was implemented. They had not accepted the LBT permanently. 
The government is presenting Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) as the role model for implementing the LBT. But in reality the traders of the entire state and the Aurangabad differ in the approach, the Mahasangh mentioned in the press release. Meanwhile, the General Kirana Merchants Association, Old Mondha will also participate in the statewide strike against LBT on May 14. The president of the association, Mansukhlal Banthia, secretary Devendra Seth, vice president Manakchand Surana and others have appealed to all the traders of Old and New Mondha areas to participate in the strike.

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