Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Three solar water pumps installed in Jalna & A'bad - Source LT

n Project by divisional forest department
n Each solar pump costs approx Rs.2.50L
n Efforts made to provide water to animals

Aurangabad division deputy conservator of forest department (FD) has installed 3 solar pumps, each in Dharegaon, Varud of Jalna district and Chapaner of Aurangabad district. These areas are reserve forests where animals are also feeling the effect of drought situation. With an attempt to overcome the prevailing drought situation and create a permanent drinking water solution for animals in reserve forest, the solar pumps have been installed. 
In-charge deputy forest officer S M Rathod said, "Each solar pump costing around Rs. 2.50 lakh has been installed on borewells at Dharegaon, Varud and Chapaner villages of Jalna and Aurangabad districts. Another solar pump will be installed at Vakla soon as borewell has been completed." These 4 villages have high forest cover where animals such as black bucks, peacocks and birds of various species in large numbers are present, he added. There are more than 200-300 black bucks in Dharegaon and Varud villages of Jalna. More than 500 black bucks are present in Chapaner and Vakla reserve forests which is also housing different species of animals. 
On providing drinking water to animals, Rathod said, "Nearby, borewell artificial water ponds, each having a capacity of 5,000-10,000 liters of water is filled twice a week." 
Protection & maintenance 
In order to protect the costly solar system, the forest department has deployed security personnel. " Three watchmen have been appointed at each site, one in the day and two night watchmen each at the 3 sites Dharegaon, Varud and Chapaner to ensure security," said Rathod. The security personnel will also maintain the borewell pumps on regular basis. They fill the ponds and maintain its cleanliness.

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