Friday, 10 May 2013

Robot to do household chores - Source LT

Will inform of gas leak
The engineering student of the city have made a 'Home Monitoring and Sweeping Robot' which will be useful in doing household chores.
The robot will do works like sweeping, cleaning floors, switching on and off lights, informing about the temperature and giving indication of gas leak in the house through a single short message service (SMS).
Last year students of the Government Engineering College Suraj Chamle, Kalyani Maindre, Viki Agrawal and Pradnya Rane had prepared this robot. This is the first robot by engineering students that operates on arm architecture. Order can be issued to the robot by sending a message through a mobile phone. The robot is wireless and has a battery of 12 volts. It gives details of temperature, lights in the house, gas leak after sending an SMS on 23342.
Students had aimed at preparing a status-updating robot. However, after thinking over other advanced features, the sweeping robot was created, informed Suraj. A sponge has been fitted in the front to help mop the floors. Project guide SB Gundare and head of the department Dr AS Bhalchandra guided the students on this project.
Special features: The Global Mobile System (GSM) module has been attached to the robot as a result of which it operates on a single message. Temperature within the house is shown due to LM-35 sensor, while MQ-6 sensor indicates status of lights and gas leak in the house.

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