Friday, 10 May 2013

'Parking at owner's risk', then why pay charges? - Source LT

The parking facilities in the city especially near cinema halls and government offices are currently not good.
People have questioned the reasons for paying parking charges if their vehicles are not secure. 
These questions are being raised because each parking slip has a mention on it 'Parking at owners' risk'.
Parking charges for a two-wheeler are Rs five, while for four-wheeler Rs 10. Parking charges at multiplexes has been doubled. However, the security of parked vehicles is not guaranteed by the agencies undertaking parking facility contract. 
City has seven single screen cinemas and five multiplexes. Those who park their vehicles in the parking lots of these cinemas have to pay the parking charges.
However, the receipts of these parking charges mention that the onus of security of respective vehicles lies on the owners. This creates insecurity among the vehicle owners.
No slips are given to the vehicle owners who park their vehicles in the parking lots of government offices. More than 1500 vehicles are parked outside these offices. Politicians and their followers own most of the vehicles parked at these places. Seldom do these heavyweights pay parking charges. However, common citizens are made to pay the charges.
Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has displayed the boards of 'Pay and Park' at several places in the city. However at most of these places, there is nobody to collect the parking charges. Sometimes there is nobody to collect parking charges on Adalat Road opposite the district court. Quarrel over paying parking charges at some of the public places has become a routine feature. 
Common citizens have been demanding security for their vehicles which they park at a particular parking lot. The contractor of a parking lot provides rent to the owner and parking charges are incurred from people parking their vehicles just to fill up their cost, allege vehicle owners. Hence, they are not bothered about the security of vehicles, allege the citizens

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