Monday, 13 May 2013

Panic in C'thana after HP tanker turns turtle - Source LT

A Hindustan Petroleum tanker filled to capacity turned turtle on the roadside in Chikalthana MIDC area on Monday at 1 pm. 
The tanker weighing 36 tonnes lying topsy-turvy since late night, caused panic among nearby residents as it was filled with the LPG.
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. has its gas refilling plant in the MIDC Chikalthana area where gas is transported through tankers and refilled in the cylinders.
The tanker (RJ-19 GC-6203) arrived here from Gujarat at 1 pm. The driver parked it outside the plant and approached the security guard to get entry pass.
The driver parked the tanker on a slope and failed to apply the hand brake due to which it started moving in backward direction. After some time the tanker gained speed and moved backward nearly 100 meters. During this period it dashed an electric pole and fell into a deep ditch.
The incident caused sensation and driver, security guards, company staff and citizens started running helter-skelter. The news also spread in areas like Brijwadi, Naregaon, Ambedkarnagar, Misarwadi and Masanatpur areas spreading panic among people. 
People and company staff called in the fire brigade department and the fire tenders reached the spot immediately. After checking the tanker, the firemen said that there was no gas leakage or explosion, hence, lifting the tanker from the ditch was not their duty and then they sat there silently.
Had the tanker come into touch with electric cable, it would have caused massive explosion, putting many lives in danger. It would also have caused danger to HP plant and surrounding localities but fortunately there was no untoward incident. 
The tanker weighed 36 tonnes including 16-17 tonnes gas. However, the crane pressed into service by the company had a capacity of 12-16 tonnes. Hence , another crane was pressed into service but it also failed to pull the tanker unless the power cables were removed from there.
The GTL employees were called in, who sought permission from the AMC as the area was in their jurisdiction. Initially AMC officials refused to remove the cable but considering the gravity of the matter, it gave permission. 
The work of removing the cables was on till late night. 
Keeping the safety of people in mind, the traffic police blocked the traffic because the tanker was lying along the roadside. When police contacted company officials, the latter informed the former that there was nothing to worry as there was no leakage of gas. However, the traffic and Cidco MIDC police are still manning the area because the process of lifting the tanker is on till late night.

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