Tuesday, 21 May 2013

'Govt successfully tackled drought' - Source LT

School education minister Rajendra Darda says around 100 animal shelters were set up and 10.5 TMC water was released for Jayakwadi dam which will last till October, even if it doesn't rain by then Memories of Rajiv Gandhi recalled
While recalling memories of Rajiv Gandhi, Darda said, "The late prime minister was a strong leader and it is very unfortunate that he had left us. I had got many opportunities to accompany him on his tours. Nehru and Gandhi families have made several sacrifices due to which the Congress is in power today."

"The State Government has successfully tackled the drought and is looking the prevailing situation as an opportunity to bring about more development," said school education minister Rajendra Darda.
He was speaking at a meeting organised at Gandhi Bhavan on the occasion of the death anniversary of former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. District Congress Committee president Keshavrao Autade presided.
Darda further said the water supply system of Jalna city was completed. Water of Ujani has been transferred to Osmanabad, while Sillod is provided with around 10 lakh litres of water from Khelni. Had this project not implemented, the government would have to spend Rs 12 crores for Sillod alone.
"Now, farmers are happy as they have got silt for their farms and the storage capacity of lakes has also been increased with the clean-up initiative. Ghanewadi, Harsul, Bindusara and others are the best examples of this initiative. Rs 35 crore have been spent on it so far, while more will be spent by June-end," Darda said.
"Around 100 animal shelters were set up and 10.5 TMC water was released for Jayakwadi dam from upstream dams. This will last till October, even if it doesn't rain," Darda maintained.
On May 25, the chief minister is coming on a tour of Aurangabad district. If he is apprised of the district problems through fax in advance, it would be easier for him to take decisions, Darda suggested.
Keshavrao Autade said, "It is a very crucial situation and every Congress worker should work for the welfare of people. Several projects of the government should reach the intended beneficiaries."
MLA Abdul Sattar made an introductory speech and appealed to Congress workers to make May 25 conference at Sillod a grand success. 
Former district president Bhausaheb Thombre, former MLA Nitin Patil and others also spoke. District Congress general secretary Dilip Bhosale conducted the proceedings, while Zahir Karmadkar proposed a vote of thanks. Vilas Autade, Subhas Thokal, Jaggannath Khosre, Feroz Patil and others were present on the dais.

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