Monday, 13 May 2013

Gesture recognition software developed - Source LT

This is how the signals are decoded ...
The operating system used for the project is Linux and Open-CV software is used for image processing, while the programming is done in C++ language. The valleys and tips of the images collected by the camera are counted and the computer denotes corresponding digits or alphabets for them. The software decodes the gestures made by the differently-abled person. The OMAP processor used for the project combines ARM A-8 and DSP-3530 processors, which are mainly used for the image processing. The students have used 2 megapixel Intex camera for the Rs. 12,000 project

The difficulties faced while communicating with differently-abled persons could be reduced now. The hand gesture recognition software developed by girl students of electronics engineering branch from government engineering college will come to our aid. 
People normally find it difficult to communicate with differently-abled persons. The coded hand-gesture language used by them is not understood by the many. Keeping in view these difficulties, final year electronics students from the government engineering college - Sonal Dev, Puja Kothari, Sayali Kharat and Bhagyashree Kulkarni - have developed this software. 
The students used OMAP (Open Multimedia Applications Platform) processor for the project. A camera connected to the system records the hand gestures and displays them on a computer screen. The gestures are coded in accordance with the universally accepted American Sign Language (ASL). 
The cost of the software is reasonable. The project can be helpful for schools of special children. The software may act as an interface for communication and it might assist special children get jobs as well. The students received guidance from project guide and head of the department Dr Anjali Bhalchandra and Sushma Aggrawal.

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