Friday, 10 May 2013

Free stay, food for drought-hit students - Source LT

The Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University has raised Rs 8.30 lakh under emergency help fund which will be utilized for the help of drought hit students who cannot go home in these vacations. The university has allowed 500 such students free stay in the hostel till June 30 and has also decided to provide free meals to them.
Many students who are studying in the university cannot go home in these vacations because they reside in drought hit areas where there is acute shortage of water and food. The hostel administration has asked for a list of such students from all the departments. A list of nearly 500 such students was prepared.
"At the same time these students who are either preparing for competitive exams and also those who work under the 'Earn and Learn' scheme have been allowed to stay in the hostel", said Valmik Sarvade, the director of students' welfare.
Though the scheme is going to take care of 500 odd students, some students who could not avail this facility have raised objections against it. According to them, the list includes only those students who were present at the time of making the list and also questioned the criteria for making the list.
They believe that 90 per cent of the students prepare for competitive exams and if they are sent to their homes in this situation, their career could be in a quandary. They want the hostel administration to allow all the students to avail this facility. Though the director declared that the mess has been started from May 1, students from hostel number one denied it. Some of the students could get the opportunity to earn nearly Rs 1000 per month under 'Earn and Learn' scheme.
Valmik Sarvade, director students' welfare: "The university has collected a fund of Rs 8.30 Lakh for emergency help which is getting active support and financial aid from various social organisations. The hostel administration has decided to allot free stay for nearly 500 students in the hostel till June 30 and has started free meals from May 01." 
Amol Rajpankhe, student : "All the students should be allowed to avail this facility because it is difficult to list students for this scheme" 
Avinash Taur: "Though I am a student under 'Earn and Learn' scheme, I am being told to leave the hostel and the mess is yet to be started."

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