Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Bajaj Hospital saves 43,000 ltr water a day - Source The Economic Times

Cut has been imposed in water supply on private companies and hospitals. The hospital management took initiative in saving water to tackle water scarcity and entrusted the responsibility with Subhash Nagode who introduced a no cost setting. It is a simple setting which can be followed by anyone, said Nagode. Hospital's president C P Tripathi, chief executive officer Dr Niraj Uttamani, C H Rao, chief engineer Sunil Shinde and others guided him

In an initiative that sets an example in these days of water scarcity, the local Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital is saving around 43,000 litres of water every day thanks to an imaginative manager. 
The hospital requires 1,20,000 litres of water every day, out of which around 30,000 litres is used by the patients and their relatives. 
Maintenance manager Subhash Nagode took an initiative in stopping people from wasting water. He studied the usage of water in various wards and introduced a unique way of saving water. 
He changed wall clock setting in the flush tank of toilets having capacity of ten litres and brought it to seven litres. 
Three litres of water was saved every time the water was flushed with this setting and around 43,000 litres of water was saved every day

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