Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Animal House goes to dogs! - Source LT

Even before its commissioning, Animal House at Government College of Pharmacy has been severely damaged by anti-social elements due to the alleged apathy of the college as well as the Public Works Department (PWD).
The Government College of Pharmacy is said to be the only college in the state having permission for maintaining an Animal House on its premise. PWD's south division had constructed the Animal House on an open plot of two acres and 32 Gunthas. The sanctioned amount for its construction was Rs 9 crores out of which the PWD received Rs 7.35 crores. Constructed structure of the Animal House included 14 rooms with an inbuilt storage system made of granites, tables, doors, windows, etc. Electrification was completed and step-less staircase for stretchers was kept ready in the building. It was going to be a testing laboratory for the third and fourth-year students of the college where tests of medicines on guinea pigs and hares were to be done. Students of Ph D and M Pharm were also to be benefitted by the lab. There was a facility to house around 500 creatures in the building. 
What is an animal house?
Animal House is a testing laboratory for the medicines. Several pharmaceutical companies have their own animal houses to test their new products. Similarly, students of pharmacy and medicine also require such a lab. 
First trial centre 
The pharmacy college Animal House was going to be the first trial centre for pharmacy students. It was targeted by the anti-social elements before its commissioning. Its construction was completed in 2006-07. However, the college administration took six more months to take its custody. Thieves, burglars and anti-social elements stole the valuable equipment from the lab. Doors, window-panes, granite tiles, electrical fittings and even taps are missing. The operation table is in broken state, ceilings have holes and there is no water pipeline.

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